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For our residents and families, quality of life means providing a supportive home filled with friends, trusted and compassionate caregivers, nutritious meals, and days filled with enriching activities that nurture the mind, body and spirit.

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A bit about our philosophy...

The different types of

care we offer our residents

Why we believe we're different from other care and nursing homes.


We don’t believe in ‘care by numbers’, hospital-like environments, or strict rules and regulations.  More than anything, we believe that Warberries is a home, and that everything we do should reflect that.  As such, we don’t wear uniforms or badges, residents are free to move around as they please, and to treat Warberries exactly as they would their own home.


Put simply, everything we do is based on the principle that quality care starts with  quality of life.   We champion quality of life for all of our residents - a mission that we put into practice every day that we’re caring for people at our homes.


Our values


We know that, if you’re considering a nursing home placement for a relative, it’s a really tricky time and you need to know what each home can offer and how they care for their residents. If you looked at every philosophy of every home that has a website, they will all pretty much use the same phrases:-


• Individualised Care

• Maintaining independence and dignity

• Providing choices


These values are certainly ones that we share at Warberries.  But what do they actually mean in practice?  Well, our care team understand that no two people are exactly alike, and so we tailor the care we provide to meet the unique needs of each person we care for.  This approach puts residents and their families at the centre of their care, and enables Warberries residents to maintain independence and dignity, especially as their individual needs change.


We do really want to get to know the people who live at Warberries and we ask residents and their loved ones to tell us about their lives, what they have done, important dates and what they do and don’t like. This information can help to ‘bring a resident alive’ to us and that does mean that we are more likely to treat them as individuals and with dignity and respect.


We want to forge friendly relationships with relatives, we want to involve you, we want to know your thoughts about what care you think your relative needs.   Family and friends are encouraged to be a part of all of our activities and events, and to come and go as they please.


There is no such thing as ‘visiting hours’ here, and guests are free to to spend time with their loved ones at any time of day or night (within reason).  We also recognise the importance of communicating openly and regularly with family members to ensure we are providing the very best service to our residents, and will let you know what’s happening with your loved one at every step of their journey with us.  We want you to be part of the Warberries family too, and feel at home here.


  • Residential

    Residential care can best be described as the most minimal level of care and assistance.  This type of care is typically for older people who do not require nursing care, but who might need help with washing, dressing and other daily living activities, and can no longer manage living alone at home because of ill-health or other conditions.  There are many conditions like dementia that are cared for in a residential setting where the level of care does not need nursing input.  At Warberries we provide all levels of care and offer rooms and equipment to meet most care requirements.



  • Nursing

    Nursing care is for people who need a qualified nursing care team to look after  them 24 hours a day.   That might include people who need intensive rehabilitative care (like people who have suffered a stroke), or people who need peg feeding, people with physical disabilities and people with long-term conditions.


    Many of our residents need some degree of nursing care, and our skilled care team and qualified nurses are committed to maintaining the optimum level of health and wellbeing for each resident.   We have the most up to date systems and procedures to ensure that our nursing care is of the highest standard, and are committed to an ongoing training programme for staff which ensures that everyone we care for receives the most up to date nursing care, tailored to their individual needs.


    All residential nursing care is based on an individual assessment of needs.  This means that every one of our residents has an individualised care plan, which is constantly monitored and – when necessary – adapted to meet the changing needs of each person.


    Every registered nurse works with a team of carers designated to each resident.   This means that familiar, friendly faces are always on hand to provide quality nursing care.


    Nursing Services


    • Care, assistance and nursing 24 hours a day

    • Ongoing and regular wellbeing and clinical assessments by our qualified


    • Medication management including self administration

    • Physical assistance and support for all the usual activities of daily living


    We also provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to each of our residents’ individual needs including:


    • Falls management

    • Pain management

    • Continence management

    • Blood pressure and weight management


    The team at Warberries work very hard to ensure that our residents have 24 hour security, safety and care - just like in your own home.  Get in touch to find out more about our high quality nursing services, including NHS-funded nursing care contributions for residents.

  • Dementia


    Dementia care is specialised care designed for people living with a type of dementia, which may include Alzheimer’s disease, dementia as the result of strokes or other causes.


    At Warberries we like to think of ourselves as 'dementia friendly' caregivers, where all staff from managers to domestic workers are specially trained to give the unique type of care needed by people with dementia.  We want to make sure that our residents with dementia feel comfortable, safe and happy with their environment.  As with all of our residents, we want our residents living with dementia to know that Warberries is their home, so with the help of our fantastic care team, we ensure that they feel happy, safe and comfortable, and live life to the full.


    When you visit Warberries, you’ll meet our dedicated, compassionate, caring staff, who are trained in helping our residents and their family members to live with both the good and bad days that go hand-in-hand with memory loss.

    We value each residents as an individual, and while we know that memory loss affects every resident differently, we ensure that we get to know everyone's unique likes an dislikes, from the food they like, to the music that makes them happy .    This is an important part of making our residents feel at home, relaxed and reassured.    We hope that this will mean that  family members can feel comfortable whilst visiting and spending time with their loved ones.

A bit about us.....



We are not a "quiet library" environment..... laughter, a bit of noise; the everyday comings and goings of people is an important part of what we offer.


Giving people something to get up for is really important.


We don't wear fancy uniforms or badges.


Fun and humour are permitted!


Bringing life into the home is something we talk a lot about.


We provide a really high standard of care, and are known for nursing

    people with really complex conditions, but we don’t believe that means

    treating residents as ‘numbers’, ‘patients’ or wrapping them up in cotton



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